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~ A Place Called Hope ~

The family's first gospel CD of original music including a song by daughter, Shaina.  This CD includes:

~ Psalm 23

~ Count Your Many Blessings
~ Praise (Psalm 40)

~ It's Written in the Sky
~ Take Me
~ We Will Glorify
~ Masquerade
~ Freedom of the Wind

~ We Approach Your Throne
~ Keep Prayin' (an original by Shaina)

~ A Place Called Hope

                plus a bonus track!

~All I'll Leave in Dixie ~

Released in 2003, this CD was inspired by Jim's study of the War between the States.  It includes:

~ All I'll Leave in Dixie - the title cut, told from the perspective of a widow having to leave everything behind in her homeland.
~ The Ballad of Sam Davis - based on the true story of Sam Davis, the Nathan Hale of the Confederacy.
~ This Dusty Road - as told from the soldiers perspective.
~ Shiloh - based on true events from the Battle of Shiloh.

~  Ridden in the Rain

~ Come Ride With Me

~ The Fastest Lice Around

~ Peaceful Waters

~ This Blood

~ Comin' Home to Tennessee

~ Chime Bells

~ Dixie Interlude

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My Dear America ~

Released in 1997, this CD was born of Jim's passion for history.  Based on the history of the American Revolution, this CD includes:

~ Going to America
~ Col. Washington's Story
~ One Life to Give -

   based on the true story of Nathan Hale
~ Of Thee I Sing
~ No King But Jesus
~ Ride, Paul, Ride -

   a song inspired by Paul Revere's famous ride
~ My Dear America -

   the heart and soul of this album
~ Liberty or Death -

   events in the life of Patrick Henry as passed

   down in folklore
~ This Flag / Star Spangled Banner Medley

Fire ~
Released in 2007 as the family's last gospel CD.  This CD includes another original song by daughter, Shaina, and all original songs by Jim.

~ Fire
~ Maybe Now
~ Color Me A Rainbow
~ Sword of Gideon
~ A Father's Love
~ Just Trust (an original by Shaina)

~ Muddy Water

~ Like Rivers to the Sea

~ When the Storm Winds Blow

~ Wash All My Sins

~ Calling Out Your Name

~ Bonus Track - Nothin' Runs Like a Deere

For Hard Copy CD'S

My Dear America

Due to the high cost of printing, we are now selling these CD's as an economy package.  You will receive the music CD, the face will be printed with a list of the songs and a cover picture (may possibly different from what is shown).  They will be sent in a clear clam shell case.  Cost of the CD is $8.  Shipping is $3 for 1 CD, $4 for 2-5 CD's, and $5 for 6 or more.  

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